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Siva Reddy is a popular Telugu language comedian and actor.
[1] He has worked in over 100 films in Tollywood.
[2] He is popular for his imitation of popular Telugu film actors.
[3] He has performed in over 3,500 stage shows across the world. He donned various roles like movie artist, mimicry artist, anchor, dancer, singer and entertainer.

Early life

As a child, Siva Reddy was very interested in songs and dances, he used to dance for his school cultural programs. Siva Reddy’s father used to take him to the temple where Siva Reddy used to sing devotional songs.

During Siva Reddy‘s school days, he used to perform on the stage and imitate his teachers and principal. And he used to imitate temple priest to perfection. Everybody used to appreciate him and he used to enjoy the applause. This brought Siva Reddy closer to every town. Since then he decide to pursue my talent.


After the completion of siva Reddy’s 10th class, he went to Madras to act in movies. Although everyone appreciated his talent they said he needed to wait since he was still young. Then Siva Reddy came to Warangal to his sister’s place and a gentleman named Sri. Nellutla Praveen Chandra offered Siva Reddy chance in Doordarshan. Late Sri. Sarangapani garu (renowned folk artist) encouraged him by taking Siva Reddy with him in all his programs. There Siva Reddy performed extensively in all his programs. In the process, Siva Reddy earned good will and respect of people of Warangal district.

Film career

Later, Siva Reddy met film maker Sana Yadi Reddy and he asked Siva Reddy to narrate few comedy anecdotes to him. He liked Siva Reddy’s performance and asked him if he could use these skits in his movie.

He gave Siva Reddy first opportunity in a movie titled ‘Pittala Dora’ as an artist. He granted Siva Reddy opportunities in all his next ventures of which ‘Bachelors’ was a good success. After Bachelors, Siva Reddy got an offer to act in a movie called ‘Ammai Kosam’ directed by Muppalaneni Siva on prestigious Eetaram banner. Siva Reddy was one of 4 heroes in the movie. After this movie, Siva Reddy got many roles like Anandam, Avunu Vallu Iddaru Istapaddaru, Manasantha Nuvve, Athade Oka Sainyam, Vasantham, Naaga, and Nenunnanu among many others.

Siva Reddy received a standing ovation for his performance from nearly about 10000 audience in 2004 ATA at chichago , were he became very emotional seeing the audience response. The response is on par with the response Siva Reddy got from India.

TV Shows

  • Gemini TV - Jelsa (As an Anchor)
  • Zee Telugu - Chittam chittam Praya chittam
  • Gemini TV - Koteswara Rao
  • Maa TV – Gharshana Dance Show

Live Shows

  • Stage Show for Y.S. Rajashekhar Reddy
  • Sakshi – Vinayaka chavithi – 2013
  • TV 9- – Vinayaka chavithi – 2012
  • Vajrotsavam


  • Pittala Dora - 1994
  • Anandam - 2001
  • Ammayi Kosam - 2001
  • Nee Manasu Naaku Telusu - 2003
  • Vasantham - 2003
  • Kedi No 1 - 2003
  • Idhi Ma Ashokgadi Love Story - 2003
  • Naaga - 2003
  • Athade Oka Sainyam - 2004
  • Gudachari 117 - 2004
  • Koduku Diddina Kapuram- 2004
  • Donga Dongadi- 2004
  • Xtra - 2004
  • Aite enti - 2004
  • Adavi Ramudu- 2004
  • Rambha Neeku Oorvasi Naaku- 2005
  • Chakram- 2005
  • Stalin - 2006
  • Alasyam Amrutham - 2010
  • Pappu - 2010
  • Buridi - 2010
  • Namo Venkatesa - 2010
  • Jai Bolo Telangana - 2011
  • Vastadu Naa Raju - 2011
  • Nagaram Nidrapothunna Vela - 2011
  • Dookudu - 2011
  • Thikka[ - 2012


  • Bharathamuni award - 5 Awards
  • The Vamsi-Berkely award for Athade Oka Sainyam
  • Bharata-Muni award for Ammai Kosam
  • The prestigious Relangi award and Yuvatarang award
  • Jhendhyala award
  • Rajababu award
  • Relangi award
  • Vamsi Barkil award
  • Yuvatharanga award
  • Jhoshna Kalapitam award
  • Tirupati Kalpitha Ghantasala award award
  • Comedy Titan award
  • Bahumukha Nata Dhvani Anukarana Durienaa
  • Fun Star

COMEDY KING Actor Shiva Reddy makes people laugh for a living

Shiva Reddy has worked in over 50 films as a comedian and he is still striving to make a mark in the industry. He may not be very popular in films but on stage as a mimicry artiste, he has the distinction of making even the most poker-faced VIP's cracking up. He is just not creative and humorous but his jokes are lively and thought provoking. The actor says that he's constantly asked why he is not able to make it big in the movies. "It's not that I'm not making an effort, I've gone around seeking work but there has been disappointment at every step and that's the reason I'm concentrating on stage shows."

The actor grew up mimicking people and loves to dance too, he recollects being reprimanded by his brother for dancing at a stranger's baarat. He loves watching Rajendra Prasad's movies because even his flop film has something funny to talk about.. For most comedians, being funny all the time works so well for them that they can't afford to risk straying from that behaviour that is expected of them. But this has got Shiva Reddy into trouble too. Some loved the mockery and some others found it offensive. In the process he lost many offers from popular production houses.

Shiva Reddy had been to America some time back to perform and 8,000 people gave him a standing ovation. Shiva says he doesn't practice but surfs channels when at home and observes people very keenly. He adds, "I get charged seeing the crowds. Their applause works like a tonic. I had been to Dubai last year and just a few hours before the show I collapsed due to physical strain. I kept goading myself to walk up to the stage and perform and I did it. I can never go back on my commitments whatsoever."

Shiva says, "I'll never forget the experience of standing on a stage with zillion pairs of eyes staring at me, waiting to be entertained, while I get a call that my brother was in the hospital in a critical condition. Another time I was carrying my brother to the crematorium, the organiser wanted me to be at the studio at any cost because it was with great difficulty they had sought the dates of a dancer. I fulfilled my commitment, I danced but I cried only after I returned home."

Shiva Reddy's take on comedy:"It would be impossible to survive the hardships of human life without humour. People who laugh more cope better with the stress of daily life, they live longer and are healthier. My profession has helped me bond with many people."

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